Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions. Would you like ask something else?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we book WeGraphy?

Dedication and experience: I am fully focussed on wedding photography. It is my specialty and I’ve had the honour of portraying many marriages. I know what will happen, what to anticipate, so I can concentrate even better on the quality of the images. By choosing my composition carefully and looking for favourable angles, I make sure that your moments of happiness are captured in the most beautiful light.

Sincere emotions: I prefer to work like a documentary photographer who tries to be as inconspicuous as possible, who doesn’t direct or intervenes in the events. I aim for sincere emotions and find it really important that you cherish your memories as moments that truly belong to you, instead of being staged for the photographer’s sake

Don’t you make any staged photographs at all?

Of course we do: during the day, we are happy to take you along to an inspiring location for a series of creative images. The most beautiful moment is usually when the sun is slowly setting, around half past seven in the summertime. The warmer light produces amazing photographs. You could have a moment to be together between dinner courses for instance. We create a free and easy atmosphere where you can just be yourselves, allowing for the most spontaneous images.

Some couples prefer not to do this shoot on the actual wedding day. They rather take their time on the day before, or on the day after the wedding, when they don’t have to worry about the dress too much.

When do we get to see the first results?

This could be the same day. We are happy to present a slideshow at your party of the photographs we took during the wedding. That way the evening guests can already share in the events of the day. You can book this option if we are working with two (or more) photographers, so there is always someone present to make sure we don’t miss any special moments.

Instead of a same-day presentation there is also the option to get a preview and a beautiful slideshow on the following day. It all depends on the arrangement or the number of hours you choose. You will receive all the processed photos in high resolution within six weeks.

How much time do we need to reserve for the shoot?

This depends entirely on your wishes. It wouldn’t take more than half an hour to make some wonderful images. But if you would like to be photographed in several locations, we might need an hour and a half. The key is to plan together, so the shoot is a seamless part of the day.

What if it rains?

We see rain as a creative challenge that often yields the most expressive images. We scout in advance for suitable places at or around the wedding location and always bring our light-weight studio equipment for well-balanced lighting.

How many photographs do we receive?

There’s not a moment that escapes our attention. With two shooters we take an average of 10,000 photographs through the day. From this huge volume we make a selection of the most beautiful, expressive images. Together we decide on the minimum number of images, depending on the number of hours of photography you have chosen. This usually comes down to about 40 photographs per hour.

How long do you keep our photographs and are they stored safely in a secure back-up system?

The files you receive, including the original lay-out of the album, will be kept for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 years, depending on the package you have opted for. We guarantee that nothing can happen to your photos with a triple back-up system. Images are kept on hard disc in two different location, and are additionally stored in an online back-up system.

Do you eat with us?

During the day we’d be happy with something simple. At dinner we prefer to eat in the same room (at a separate table), so we won’t miss any precious moments. This doesn’t have to be an elaborate meal.

Do you also work abroad?

Certainly, it would be our pleasure to accompany you to your ideal wedding location. We make our own travel arrangements, like flights, hotel and transportation. For more information about destination weddings, contact us at marli@wegraphy.nl

What if you, the photographer of our choice, become ill?

Fortunately, this has never happened to me and I hope that it will not ever happen. I do everything I can to be in shape for your day. I like to work out, eat healthy meals and the week before your wedding, I make sure to take it easy. This way, I can concentrate all my energy on your day.

In the unlikely event that I do fall ill, there is a team of experienced photographers ready to take over the reportage in a style that remains close to the one you chose for. Fortunately, I can fall back on an large network of photographers who are always there for each other. This way you can be certain that, whatever happens, your day will be documented professionally and according to your wishes.

We like to book WeGraphy: how does it work?

You can contact us through the contact form on the site, or you can call or email us. The next step would be to make an appointment at my office in Nuenen, where I can present you several slideshows and album samples to give you a good impression of our work. Of course we take the time to answer your questions and discuss your wishes. You will receive an extensive brochure to read things over at home. If you are enthusiastic about our approach, I will reserve your date in my schedule.

Do you work with reservations or options?

To guarantee the quality of our work, we never photograph more than one wedding in any given week. Unfortunately, it is not possible to take an option on your wedding date. Your date is officially confirmed as soon as the deposit has been paid. Naturally, if your date has not been confirmed yet and I receive a request from another couple for that same week, I will inform you first!

Do you also offer albums and, if so, can we choose the photographs for it?

We offer beautiful leather design albums with durable fine-art paper pages. You can select a number of photos for your album yourself. How many, depends on the total number of pages. I supplement your selection to ensure a well-balanced story.

We do not live nearby, or we are abroad: how do we arrange a first meeting?

Meeting in person is always preferable, but we can still have a nice introductory session via Skype or FaceTime.

What if we have any other questions?

You can email any questions to marli@wegraphy.nl or you can just give me a call at 06-28810041.