Wedding Photography in Eindhoven, Ketelhuis

Wedding Photography in Eindhoven, Ketelhuis

Wedding Photography in Eindhoven, Ketelhuis

It promised to be a lovely day for a special reportage. The sun was shining and I was looking forward to it. Today’s location: stylish Het Ketelhuis on the GGZE terrain in Eindhoven.*

Starting slowly

There are many reasons why profession of wedding photographer fits me so well. One of them is that no wedding is the same: different things can happen every time, which keeps the work intriguing. To me, the challenge is to capture the most beautiful and valuable moments under all circumstances, that is where i get my satisfaction. Another reason is that being a photographer allows me to start the day slowly. I’m not a moning person so for me it’s perfect that the pasrty starts in the evening.

The day itself

The reportage started at eleven, at the groom’s. the men are often more relaxed, so i can observe everything at ease and get in the right flow to make the best images.

After a beautiful first meeting, we went to Het Ketelhuis, where Joep and Amanda would say their vows. The hall was magnificently decorated, down to the couples logo on the balcony. The party lasted until two in the morning. Below, you can see images of this extraordinary day.

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*There is another Keterhuis in Eindhoven, at Strijp-S. It is also a lovely wedding location. by the way as you can see from the blog post.

Trouwfotograaf omgeving Eindhoven